Asset Project

The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security and The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks are responsible for the State’s Search and Rescue Emergency Support Function, (ESF 9). We are currently working on a project to identify and gather all search and rescue resources in the state to build a database of deployable assets and their capabilities. This database will be available to all agency Directors / Chiefs in the support of any search and rescue event.

Deployment of resources will be available by mutual aid agreements between agencies, Statewide Mutual Aid Compact Agreement (SMAC) or mission assignment by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. All expenses and responsibilities associated with deployment of resources by mutual aid agreement or SMAC will be handled by agencies involved unless other arrangements have been made prior to deployment.

I am personally inviting you to participate in this project, as it will greatly enhance Mississippi’s emergency search and rescue response at a local and state level.
To participate in this project, please go to this link (web address) to submit your deployable resources.

Jenny Williams
Executive Director

To use Google forms to enter one or two assets

Click Here to Enter an Asset

If you have multiple assets you wish to enter you can download this spreadsheet, fill it out, then mail it back to

Click Here to Download the Spreadsheet 

Be sure to click the “Enable Editing” button at the top of the spreadsheet before entering data. 

Latest Database version is V2.5

If you would like a copy of the database, send an email to from your Offical Government email address requesting a copy with your Name, Rank, and Agency name. 

See the Database in Action