Upcoming Events

Oct 17 Tue


Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks (PER-335)

17 October 2017 | Free

This course provides first responders from multiple disciplines with skills to manage the initial response to a large-scale attack in a chaotic environment during a complex coordinated attack (CCA). It aims to train responders in how to use intuitive skills…

Nov 1 Wed


AWR 209 Working with the Media: A Short Course for Emergency Responders

1 November 2017 | Free

AWR 209 in Summit, MS The RDPC is bringing AWR 209 Working with the Media: A Short Course for Emergency Responders to Summit, MS beginning on Nov. 1, 2017, 8 a.m.. Working with the Media: A Short Course for Emergency…

Nov 7 Tue


Enhancing Public Safety Collaborations

7 November 2017 | Free

Host Agency:  Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians Enhancing Tribal and State Collaborations to Build Sustainable Public Safety Partnerships Date:                          October 24-25, 2017 Time:                         8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Where:                       Smith John Justice Center,                …

Nov 9 Thu


Law Enforce Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts / Site Protection through Observation Techniques

9 November 2017 | Free

This course provides participants with an overview of generalsecurity features employed by the US government to establishthe validityof government documents,as well as known methods used to alter or counterfeit the types of documents commonly presented to lawenforcement officers. Several government documents are discussed, including identitycards,driver’s licenses,and social securitycards. Public safety personnel orother personnel who have extensivecontact with thepublic arei n the best position to identify unusual packages, suspicious substances,and people who are acting suspiciously.However,they need to acquire skills in whatto look for and how to respond – skills that can be acquired through rigorous emergency planning, regular emergency testing and drills,and extensive training.Specifically, security personnel must engage in thefour activities included in the ongoing screening process: assessing, identifying,evaluating,andacting. The tragic events surrounding the bomb attack at the Boston Marathon (2013); the terrorist train bombings in Mumbai (2006), Madrid (2004), and Moscow (2004), and on…

Nov 29 Wed


AWR 147: Rail Car Incident Response

29 November 2017 | Free

AWR 147: Rail Car Incident Response is an 8-hour, awareness level course developed to educate rural emergency responders on freight rail car incidents involving hazardous materials.  Because most freight rail traffic traverses rural areas, it is important that rural responders,…